Why Competition is Good for You and for the Business

Competition is human nature and is part of our daily lives. It can occur anytime and anywhere – at school, in your workplace, across companies or even within your family.

But is competition beneficial? The answer is yes! Healthy competition has many benefits. It motivates the person to develop their personal and professional skills. Being competitive also pushes companies to think out of the box and create ground-breaking products.

Competition encourages innovation, creativity, goal-setting, and purposeful living. But in what ways? Read on to find out more about the amazing benefits of being competitive in a professional and reasonable way. 

Competition is Good for You


Inspires Goal-setting

In sports, setting goals is a powerful motivator in an athlete’s performance. Goals help players and teams to identify what strategies they need to win the game against their opponents.  If you are aspiring to pass all your examinations, wanting to be an employee of the month or aiming to be one of the most recommended stores in your area, the first thing you need to do is to set personal goals. From here, you can start planning the necessary steps to help you hit your objectives. 

Promotes Continuous Learning

Competition encourages you to never settle for less. When you are good at something and you decided to stop learning, you will no longer find the motivation to continue what you have started.  If you want to hone your skills and be an expert in a certain field such as in writing, public speaking or painting, then find ways to achieve this. You can enroll in workshops, read books, do thorough research online, or talk to experts. Whatever your passion is, never stop learning and always be hungry for knowledge. This is one of the characteristics of having a Growth Mindset. 

Gives you a Sense of Purpose

Competition shakes off an aimless and boring life by giving you a sense of purpose. You work hard for something because you know you will earn something great at the end – this is the purpose. You wake up each day with your objectives in mind and the energy to strive for the best. When you focus on your tasks and objectives, you know that your efforts are not wasted. You know that your contribution to the company matters and that your abilities make you an integral part of the team. Every step closer to fulfilling your purpose will make you feel accomplished, alive and happy.

Competition is Good for the Business


Leads to Innovation

Your competitor is a great reminder that you are not the only business existing. There could be hundreds of establishments out there with the same industry as yours. If you are not competitive and strategic enough, you could potentially lose your prospects. To stay ahead of the game, you need to be innovative. Innovation is key to a successful business. 

Know that customers are always looking for products and services that are worth their time, money and effort. Companies compete to meet these qualifications by providing customers with better options, reasonable prices, and high-quality items. A healthy competition will help you to become more creative and generate ideas that will distinguish your products from your competitors.

It is much harder to acquire a new customer than to keep your existing customers. So innovate to show that you are a market leader and your existing customer will give you 10 times more.   

Improves Customer Service

In every business, the goal is to attract and retain customers. No customers, no business. And no matter how beautiful your ads are or the products you’re selling, if you have poor customer service, you might lose your clients. This can truly hurt your entire business. Always remember that you are not just competing for sales but also for your loyal customers. Aside from offering better quality products, be mindful of providing your customers with great experience because. This can be your edge. 

Avoids Complacency

Competition is like the fuel that keeps the car engine running. It makes people and companies productive, driven, goal-oriented and focused. Because of the tight competition in the business industry, companies are compelled to level up their customer service and to continue making useful products. They should innovate more for continuous improvement and unique ideas. When companies are committed to healthy competition, they are also encouraging their employees to go for the extra mile and put their best foot forward.


Once in our life, we experience competing with other people, and this is totally fine. We just have to understand that if we commit to healthy competition, we become a better version of ourselves. We tend to realise our weaknesses and our strengths, but most of all we got to discover what other amazing things we can actually do but never expected to. Competition is part of humanity and in every industry. If ever you lose the game, remember that it’s just a competition. Embrace the lessons learned and use them for your next challenge.

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